Frequently Asked Questions


  • You can purchase Otherdeeds on the secondary market on our official OpenSea

  • There were four requirements to mint in the sale:


    • Impersonators claiming to be involved in a project, tagging people in a post with a link

    • Impersonators DMing people links

    • Fake support accounts phishing for seed phrases

    • Fake airdrops that look legit, but direct people to a scam website

    • Impostor discord servers

    • Fake giveaways asking for personal info, including seed phrase


    The official Twitter account is @OthersideMeta and the official discord is You’ll also see announcements cross-posted from @boredapeyc, @yugalabs, and @animocabrands, as well as on BAYC’s discord at


    Don’t reply to or click on anything from any other accounts, tags, DMs, emails, skywriting, carrier pigeons, anyone. Founders, and mods will not tag nor DM you. And never enter your seed phrase.


    Basically, if it seems too good to be true or it doesn’t come from official accounts, it’s a red flag. You can learn more about keeping your wallets and assets safe here.

  • There is! Come say hello here. The Discord has precautions in place to limit the amount of people who join at once to defend against raids, so if you can’t get in right away, please try again later!

  • Glad you asked. Tweets from the Otherside come from @OthersideMeta.

  • An Otherdeed is your key to the Otherside. Otherdeed holders can participate in prototype builds, demos, and tests that shape the final game design and experience. Every Otherdeed is also a dynamic NFT, built as a collection of elements — from resources to Kodas, and will evolve as you move component pieces around.

  • Every Otherdeed is a dynamic NFT, built as a collection of all of the elements — from resources to Kodas. Rather than a static representation of a piece of land, your Otherdeed is designed to evolve along with what you choose to do in the game.

  • Otherdeed holders help create Otherside by participating in demos, prototype builds, in-person events, and contests. Every interaction you have with Otherside will help it grow — you don’t need any special or technical knowledge. An SDK is a Software Development Kit. Otherside Development Kits give developers the tools they need to build characters, character skins, structures, in-game items, and minigames for Otherside.

  • No. If you would like to join the ODK program, please let us know here.

    • 10,000 are for BAYC claim for the Biogenic Swamp at the center of the Otherside

    • 20,000 are for MAYC claim for the Chemical Goo on the outskirts of the swamp

    • 55,000 are for purchase with ApeCoin for the Rainbow Atmos, Cosmic Dream, and Infinite Expanse

    • 15,000 are for Yuga and other project developers for the Rainbow Atmos, Cosmic Dream, and Infinite Expanse

  • Your Otherdeed notes some of the special things on your dynamic NFT. You can learn more about what they mean here, but their true potential can only be revealed with time.

  • We got you — head to Discord or send us an email at [email protected].

2nd Trip

  • During 2nd Trip Tech Demo, you’ll be the first Voyagers to play around with some of the latest experiments in Otherside. There are two new environments to explore, some updated traversal mechanics to test out, and a few fun surprises along the way. There will be some friendly competition added to the mix too and see how Voyagers work in teams, but more on that during 2nd Trip.

  • Anyone who holds an Otherdeed will have the opportunity to attend, provided they join on time. For more information on entry into 2nd Trip for Voyagers and guests, please visit our most recent blog post: Here

  • 2nd Trip will take place on Saturday March 25, 2023 12 PM EDT (4:00 PM UTC). Voyagers will be able to enter the experience 30 minutes prior to the start of 2nd Trip. 

  • Starting at 11:30 AM EDT / 3:30 PM UTC, Voyagers will be able to enter the experience prior to the start of 2nd Trip. While capacity for 2nd Trip is larger than First Trip, please note that having an Otherdeed or guest pass does not guarantee access to 2nd Trip.

  • North America, Europe, South Korea, Japan, India, Thailand, Philippines, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Hashemite Kingdom, Oman, Cyprus, Turkey, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Republic of Moldova, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay, Australia, New Zealand

  • Yes, you can experience the 2nd Trip by viewing the livestream.

  • We’ll provide the link in a blog post on the day of 2nd Trip. Please be sure to only use the OFFICIAL LINK. They’ll be on the website and cross posted in the Otherside Discord #official-links and #announcements channel.

  • Approximately 90 minutes.

  • No, there will only be one opportunity to participate in 2nd Trip. Stay tuned to official channels for more opportunities to jump into Otherside.

  • The Otherside 2nd Trip blog will be regularly updated with information and official links up until the start of 2nd Trip. Do not click on links unless you have determined for yourself that they are safe. You can also cross-reference with and official brand communication channels.


    2nd Trip Blog:

  • 45 MBPS internet connection
    Google Chrome (only fully supported browser)

    Windows Requirements:

    • A 64-bit version of Windows 7, or newer, is required. We recommend using the latest version of Windows 10 Anniversary update. Does not support 32-bit versions of Windows
    • Dual core x86-64 CPU with 2.0GHz or faster
    • 4GB of system memory
    • GPU that at least supports DirectX 11
      • NVIDIA GeForce 600 series or newer
      • AMD Radeon HD 3000 series or newer
      • Intel HD Graphics 2000 series or newer

    Mac Requirements:

    • Your MacOS must be 10.11 or higher.
    • Any Mac system introduced in 2009 or later.
  • Contact technical support via the Support Chat on the Main Screen. For additional support, create a ticket in Otherside Discord or send an email to [email protected]

  • If you’re disconnected from the experience after being teleported from the Infinity Space, you should reconnect to the server as quickly as possible. Your spot will be held for 5 minutes for you to reconnect.

  • The Infinity Space is the lobby area of 2nd Trip.  

  • Those who have not already earned the First Trip Obelisk piece will receive the metadata update with that piece.  

  • 2nd Trip will support wallet delegation through

  • No. There are safeguards in place that prevent multiple users from connecting to 2nd Trip via the same wallet/Otherdeed.

  • No, there will not be public load tests prior to 2nd Trip.

  • Yes, moderators will be monitoring voice channels and chat during 2nd Trip. For more information, please see: Privacy Policy

Legends of the Mara

  • Otherside: Legends of the Mara, aka LOTM, is a 2D standalone experience powered by ApeCoin. LOTM is a game that enlists the Otherside Koda collection and introduces a brand new collection called Mara, which can evolve into Kodamara. It begins with every Otherdeed holder being gifted a Vessel. What happens next is up to the player. To learn more, visit

  • Any Otherdeed holder (aka a Voyager) can participate in LOTM. Each Voyager will be able to claim a Vessel NFT for each Otherdeed owned. After the claim, to play you will need at least one Otherdeed, in addition to a Koda and/or an apprentice Mara. Otherdeeds are an integral part of the LOTM experience and the Koda, Mara, and Kodamara collections will be key to unlock the Otherdeed’s potential.

  • A Vessel, which premiered at the end of the Bone Deed trailer, is a meteor capable of supporting a Shade, and can be used in the defense of the Otherside. Each Otherdeed holder will have the ability to claim a Vessel during the claim period (one per Otherdeed). Each Vessel will have one of three functions, assigned at random: Hunting, Farming, or Enchanting. Every Vessel will have a specific incubation period before it will reveal a Mara. The Maras that emerge will match their Vessel’s function. The claim period for Vessels will begin in early April. Each claimed Vessel will be sent to the Otherdeed-holding wallet as a separate ERC-721 token with a new smart contract/NFT collection. In addition to being available through the claim, Vessels can also be purchased and sold via trading platforms.

  • A Mara is an otherworldly creature that emerges from a Vessel. They are nascent workers able to perform only simple tasks. The three different types of Mara that will emerge from the Vessels will match their Vessel’s role: Farmer, Hunter, or Enchanter. Maras will be ERC-721 tokens separate from Vessels, with a new contract/NFT collection. Maras will be able to be purchased and sold via trading platforms once they’ve emerged from their Vessels as a new collection.

  • Kodas are the primary keepers of Otherside. They have a natural ability to Hunt, Enchant, and Farm, and at far greater power levels than Mara or Kodamara. A Koda can be assigned to an Otherdeed to perform any of these functions (they can do all three, but one at a time). If assigned to be Hunters, Kodas with weapons and Mega Kodas will see their traits employed in battle. Role assignment will be detailed in future activations.

  • LOTM will be driven by the celestial Odiac and is a persistent 2D experience that will allow you to evolve your Mara into Kodamara, farm sediment, and defend your Otherdeed from emerging threats.

Koda Decoupling & Vessel Claim

  • Otherdeed Expanded is your key to unlocking future gameplay experiences and activations, including Otherside: Legends of the Mara. All holders of Otherdeed Expanded NFTs are subject to the license available at:

  • All Voyagers who participate in Koda Decoupling or Vessel Claim will receive an Otherdeed Expanded NFT through burning the Otherdeed. The mechanics for the Koda Decoupling and Vessel Claim are the same, the difference depends on whether the Otherdeed you participate with holds a Koda.


    Otherside Expanded collection on OpenSea:


  • There are 10,000 Kodas scattered throughout the 100,000 Otherdeeds. Kodas are currently embedded within the Otherdeed metadata. To learn more about Otherside B.C (Before Curtis), a trailer can be found here.

  • Koda Decoupling will separate Koda’s metadata from their respective Otherdeeds and result in a standalone Koda NFT collection. Otherdeeds Expanded and Otherside Kodas NFTs play different roles in future activations, which are unlocked by decoupling.


    Only Voyagers who hold Otherdeeds that contain a Koda can participate in the Koda Decoupling.

  • The Koda decoupling will utilize a burn mechanic for the original Otherdeed. The result is three new NFTs on three new smart contracts: an Otherside Expanded NFT, Otherside Koda NFT, & Otherside Vessel NFT.


    Otherdeed Expanded NFT OpenSea Collection:
    Otherside Koda NFT OpenSea Collection:
    Otherside Vessel NFT OpenSea Collection:

  • The Koda Decoupling will begin on 04/05/2023. Once available, Koda Decoupling will remain open indefinitely. All official links to the Koda Decoupling can be found on & Koda Decoupling will take place on— the site will take you through the burn process to decouple your Koda and claim your Vessel.

  • After decoupling, your Otherdeed Expanded NFT will continue to be subject to a personal use license only. This means that you may trade and sell your Otherdeed Expanded NFT, display for personal purposes, use as a digital profile picture, etc., but you may not commercialize your Otherside Expanded NFT (e.g. sell tee shirts with your Otherdeed Expanded art printed on it or make and sell games using the land or features of the land shown on your Otherdeed Expanded).


    Your decoupled Koda NFT will generally be subject to a broad commercial license. This means that you may use your Koda NFT for personal purposes and also commercialize your Koda NFT.


    But, if you purchase an “Otherside Relics by Gucci: KodaPendant”, then that pendant will be subject to a personal use license only. Meaning, for example, while you can use a Koda wearing that pendant as your PFP, you cannot sell a tee shirt of the Koda wearing that pendant).


    To avoid unintended usage mistakes, your Koda NFT art that does NOT have a digital pendant will still be made available to you, and you may continue to use that Koda subject to a commercial use license. Further details are available at


    Finally, your Koda NFT may have the opportunity to receive additional visual/trait updates in the future, and each update could be subject to a personal use license or commercial use license. Yuga Labs will make available the license agreement that explains permitted usage of those updates, which you should carefully review.


    This is only a high-level summary of the rights and restrictions of the Otherdeed Expanded NFT and Koda NFT and the artwork associated with those NFTs. The full and legally binding license agreement is available at

  • The Otherside Koda # and Otherside Expanded # will match the current Otherdeed # and Koda Metadata # on your deed.

  • Otherside Kodas can be purchased or sold via trading platforms, such as Opensea. The official Otherside Koda OpenSea collection link is

  • No. You MUST use the UI and website:

  • Voyagers participating in Koda Decoupling will be responsible for paying gas fees (in ETH) associated with the Vessel claim.

  • The choice is yours. However, you may not be able to participate in Yuga’s future activations that require an Otherside Koda and/or Otherdeed Expanded NFT.

  • The Koda Decoupling period will commence on 04/05/2023. Once available, Koda Decoupling will remain open indefinitely. Voyagers can choose to decouple whenever they wish.

  • The Vessel Claim will allow Voyagers to claim a Vessel, an integral role in gameplay for unlocking the Otherdeed Expanded, including Otherside: Legends of The Mara, a stand-alone 2D experience. The Vessel Claim occurs when a Voyager chooses to burn their Otherdeed and mint an Otherdeed Expanded.

    The mechanic is similar to the Koda Decoupling: once the Otherdeed is burned, the Vessel and the newly minted Otherdeed Expanded NFT will be sent to the burning wallet.

  • A Vessel, which premiered at the end of the Bone Trailer, is a meteor capable of supporting a Shade and can be used in the defense of the Otherside. Each Otherdeed can participate in the Vessel Claim.


    Otherdeed Expanded OpenSea Collection:
    Otherside Vessel OpenSea Collection:

  • The Vessel is a free claim for all Otherdeed holders. However, Voyagers will be responsible for any gas fees (in ETH) associated with the claim.

  • The choice is yours. However, you may not be able to participate in Yuga’s future activations that require a Vessel and/or Otherdeed Expanded NFT, including Otherside: Legends of the Mara.

  • The claim period will commence on 04/05/2023. Once available, Vessel Claim will remain open indefinitely.

  • Yes, the Otherside Expanded # will match the current Otherdeed for Otherside # – your Otherside Vessel # will match your Otherdeed Expanded NFT.

    Example: Otherdeed for Otherside #36432 with Koda 9994 → Otherdeed Expanded #36432, Otherside Koda #9994 & Otherside Vessel #36432.

  • All Voyagers will be eligible to claim a Vessel for each Otherdeed they hold.

  • No, Vessel claim is available to all Voyagers.

  • There will be 100,000 vessels. Each Vessel can only be claimed once per Otherdeed, and an Otherdeed can only claim one Vessel. 

  • Vessels can be claimed at

  • Vessels can be purchased or sold via trading platforms, such as Opensea. The official Vessel collection link is

  • You may transfer/sell your Vessel and display the Vessel art for personal purposes. You do not own or have a license to otherwise use the art/image related to the Vessel. All rights in and to such art are reserved by Yuga Labs, Inc.


    You may not commercialize (such as starting a tee-shirt collection with your Vessel on it) or create derivative works based on the Vessel (e.g., making a 3D model of the Vessel).


    This is only a high-level summary of the rights and restrictions of the Vessel NFT and the Vessel art. The full and legally binding license agreement is available at

  • The Obelisk tracks Voyagers’ journeys within Otherside. Each step in a Voyager’s journey is marked by an Obelisk piece, distributed as metadata to those who participate in an activation. If you hold an Otherdeed Expanded, you hold a key to this evolving vision of Otherside — and to shaping what it becomes. The Obelisk can be found at

  • Yes, Koda Decoupling is an event that will be marked by an Obelisk piece. Obelisk pieces for the Koda Decoupling will be distributed as metadata updates to your Otherdeed Expanded NFT during the Vessel Claim. Stay tuned to Discord Announcements and for more information. To view your Obelisk progress, visit

  • No. All Voyagers who participate in the Koda Decoupling & Vessel Claim will receive the Koda Origins Obelisk metadata update. The update will be pushed to the newly minted Otherdeed Expanded NFT. To view the Obelisk, visit

  • No. Artifacts and resources will be preserved in the Otherdeed Expanded NFT that’s minted when you decouple. Artifact and Resource metadata will not be affected by the Koda Decoupling.

  • No, a warm or delegated wallet will not work. Koda Decoupling & Vessel Claim is a burn contract that requires direct wallet permissions of the holding wallet. Those permissions cannot be delegated through a warm wallet interaction on the current smart contract. Do not click on links unless you have determined they are safe. You can also cross-reference with and official brand communication channels.